Wysing Arts Centre

Wysing Arts Centre was established in 1989 with the aim of establishing an inspirational workplace for artists. 30 years on, Wysing is valued as a national resource that supports artists to research, experiment and make ambitious new work. Wysing’s rural site near Cambridge includes a contemporary gallery, 20 artists' studios, project spaces, a recording studio, Site sculptures, outdoor woodlands and a 17th century farmhouse. We aim to develop new ways to support artists and enable art and ideas to reach a wide range of people. We work with national and international artists working across visual arts, music, dance, writing & digital technologies.

Creative Circuit Huntingdon

Creative Circuit Huntingdon (CCH) are a group of young people who meet regularly in Huntingdon supported by artists from Wysing Arts Centre. Since January the group has been working on an exhibition project, with Wysing's Circuit Studio Artist Damaris Athene, and developed their ideas to form ‘Difficult Truths’. The group have done everything from developing the conceptual ideas for the exhibition, developing a call out, making posters, creating content for social media and curating the exhibition itself.  

Access and Queries

If you have any questions about accessing the online exhibition, submitting work or any other queries please email education@wysingartscentre.org.

Above: Creative Circuit Huntingdon at Wysing Arts Centre

Below: Amphis, by Folke Kobberling and Martin Kaltwasser at Wysing Arts Centre, taken by Creative Circuit Huntingdon


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