The exhibition ‘Difficult Truths’ presents some of the concerns around mental health, bullying and climate change. We now want to invite families, young people and artists of any age to respond to this in our #wysingchallenge.

You can share your responses through #wysingchallenge on social media or via email.


  • Clean waste from your recycling (e.g. plastic bottles, trays, cardboard, paper, NOT tins or anything sharp) 

  • Scissors 

  • Sticky tape 

  • String 

  • Pencil and paper 


Anyone can take part! Whether you’re bored and need a challenge, are fizzing with creative ideas or want to do something as a family. Everyone is welcome to take part.


Use recycled materials to share an idea or invention that might help improve the world, e.g. a solar-powered computer, small acts of kindness, calling a friend, wind-powered tree planter. Don’t worry, you won’t have to explain or work out how your idea or invention works, we just want to hear some creative ideas! 

  • Start off by mind mapping. What are the different issues around climate change, mental health or bullying? You may want to use the internet to do some research. 

  • Pick one of those issues to focus on. 

  • Think – what could you invent or do to help solve the problem you’ve picked? You may want to use a mind map to help generate ideas.

  • Design – draw a design of your invention or idea using your pencil and paper.

  • Make – create a 3D model of your design with recyclable materials. Use sticky tape and string to attach it together. Cut the materials into your desired shapes with scissors. Ask for help from an adult if something is difficult to cut. 



  1. Photograph – take a photo of your model with a white background. This will be the photo used for the online exhibition. You do not have to take part if you don’t want to. 

  2. Email – if you want to be part of the online exhibition, send an email to education@wysingartscentre.org with: 

  • A photo of your model (taken with a white background) 

  • The title of your piece 

  • Your first name

  • 1-3 sentences about how your idea will help improve the world! 

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